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- 2 Timothy 1:7
How Long Will Your Building’s Foundation Last?

Since 2002, our company has been providing permanent foundation systems for post frame buildings, known to most as “pole barns”. Every day we get calls from frustrated building owners who have found that their wood foundation has decayed much earlier than promised. Many builders are also frustrated by the frequent changes in wood treatments forced on them by the EPA, and market studies have shown that they are building on concrete foundations more than ever. Post frame construction is one of the most attractive, economical, and efficient ways to build. Our products combine these advantages with the proven durability of concrete, resulting in a foundation that is permanent.

To learn more about our systems, click one of the following links:
Precast concrete columns that take the place of treated wood in the ground. They are as strong as the wood they replace, but last much longer.
Wood-to-concrete anchor bracket used in post, beam, & column construction. Can be wet or drill set depending on model.
Don't let deteriorated posts compromise a building with many useful years left in it. Repair with a proven foundation system.
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